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No more digging for answers. Simply ask and receive.Semantic search algorithm enabling accurate and concise answers with zero hallucinations.Trained on the most up-to-date FDA & NIH data, and latest clinical guidelines.Highly accurate answers always come with references so answers can be seen with context.Enables enterprise healthcare and organizations to leverage their own data for better insight.
Clinically significant references
Clair responses always come with links to original, clinically significant references like FDA Drug Package Inserts, NIH Clinical Trials Database, NLM drug Interactions Database and Clinical Guidelines
200M+Clinical Studies
2M+Drug Interactions
147K+FDA Package Inserts
100+Clinical Guidelines
Expert-curatedA team of Clair clinical experts reviews all data sources in a thorough vetting process to ensure all responses are accurate and credible
Intelligent sourcingClair selects the right source of information based on the use-case and the nature of the question
Asking Clair about the side effects of a drug will prompt the reference of FDA drug package inserts
Asking about the comparative efficacy of a drug to another will trigger Clair to use the NIH clinical trials database

Arm your clinical team with Clair

Provide your clinical teams with the latest clinical information, all at their fingertips. Purpose built to serve organizations of all sizes.
Improve your team’s efficiency.
Decrease time researching.
Staff fewer medical librarians.
Our Products
Core Clair Experience
Open SearchAsk any complex clinical question and get an instant, ultra-accurate answer.Open Search enables a completely free-form query experience. The more detailed the question format the better. Open Search works best when asked in a full and detailed question format. For example, it's good to start your question with something like "What is..." or "How do I..."
Professional tool suite
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Clinical summary
A guided search experience providing a summary of any disease or drug
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Drug interactions
Interaction guidance for two or more drugs
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Med review
Evidence-based recommendations for patient care
ICD10 Codes
Human, friendly definitions of ICD10 codes
Treatment, dose and duration information based on infection and optional patient demographics
Customizations for your organization
Bring your own documentsUtilize your own documents and criteria for search queries in place of, or in addition to, the standard Clair references.
White Label Integration with Clair APIIntegrate with the Clair API to create a white labeled experience available within your internal infrastructure.
Add Population Management with OneDashAccess Clair within OneDash, our population management tool, to query your population data.